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Digital SHO

By Applied Science Fiction
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Photoshop Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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Reveals the detail in the shadows Common photography exposure problems include backlit subjects, important details hidden in shadows, and dark areas caused by uneven flash illumination. Details in portions of an image are sacrificed to provide adequate exposure in other areas. Digital SHO automatically corrects these issues. At the touch of a button, Digital SHO produces the best possible image for screen viewing, printing and archiving. Digital SHO's proprietary algorithms analyze and adjust the gradations of darker areas to optimally reveal details and output an overall pleasing image. Automatically optimizes contrast and exposure ASF's Digital SHO plug-in will amaze you with its capability to automatically reveal details hidden in shadows. Providing the right light balance to capture a clear image is often difficult. Flashes must be used, thought must be given to the position of the main light source relative to the main subject, and even with these considerations the picture taken is often not the picture viewed through the camera. ASF's Digital SHO plug-in provides you an effective, fast, and automatic tool to turn such "light-imbalanced" images into pictures that you will want to keep. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, Digital SHO plug-in will significantly improve your images in need of light-balancing. Works with images from any digital source -Flatbed scanners -Film scanners -Digital cameras -On-line photofinishers -Image CD -Internet

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