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Strata Live 3D

By Strata
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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Use Photoshop CS3 Extended to Design 3D PDFs and Web Pages With Live 3D[in] you are able to create real-time interactive 3D content for web sites and PDF documents from Photoshop® CS3 Extended Saving a PDF or web page from Photoshop with live 3D content couldn't be simpler. Once you have your 3D content loaded into Photoshop CS3 Extended, either from Strata Design 3D[in], Strata Live 3D[in] or third party plug-ins like Google's 3D Warehouse, simply select Strata Live 3D[in] Web or PDF from the filters menu. You're asked to select what style of navigation bar to use, and then you choose where to save the document. If we made it easier, it would be missing something. "Why would I need to save a real-time 3D PDF or web page at all?" Sure, you could send out static images. You could still be driving your 1978 Gremlin, or watching Lost on your 14" Black & White TV, or calling the tow truck (for your Gremlin, of course) on your 2.5 lb. Motorola suitcase phone. The world moves on, and you need to move with it. As a designer, the principles of color, composition and readability don't change, but the medium, the vehicle for those skills, is constantly changing. On a practical level, you don't want to be the last designer to start adding 3D content to your designs, and you don't want to be left out entirely. But more than that, you want to be a design leader. You want your clients to know that you're on the crest of technology waves. You're actively seeking out stable and easy-to-use technology that benefits your clients, showcases their products in novel and exciting ways, communicates your ideas more clearly, and allows you to communicate ideas that weren't possible with flat images. "Couldn't I just use your competitor's product?" Certainly, you're welcome to use one of many competing products that do the same thing. Of course, you'll have to take into account that we don't have any competitors in this space. Strata Live 3D[in] is the only product that will allow you to export 3D PDFs and web pages from within Photoshop CS3 extended. Strata has a long history of working hand-in-hand with the Adobe suite, matching their ease-of-use and interface conventions to make your job that much easier. We've long realized that Adobe has been such a staple in the designer's toolkit, that only products that play well in the Adobe sandbox are really going to benefit today's designer.

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