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By FixerLabs
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Photoshop Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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FocusFixer - The ulitmate Sharpening tool

  • The ultimate sharpening tool
  • Razor sharp results from "soft" images
  • Removes softness and focus blur cleanly and simply
  • Uses EXIF lens information to produce stunning results
  • Clearer, sharper results than Unsharp masking
  • Avoid noise amplification found with Unsharp masking
  • Sharpens conventional photographs for excellent pictorial quality
  • Use on selected regions of an image
  • Works on both 8 bit and 16 bit images
  • Easy installation - just download as instructed
  • Optimised for PC and MAC OS X

Our top selling software has any number of uses - from removing "softness" to bringing a background element of a photograph into focus. It just simply removes focus blur - invaluable for countering softness generated by even the best digital cameras or those occasions where a narrow depth of field results from wide apertures. FocusFixer will restore detail and it will add clarity and quality and contrast to fine detail. Use it on colour and monochrome pictures - and even photographs taken by traditional methods and scanned into a PC or Mac OS X. Now with the launch of version 1.4, FocusFixer results are stunning. FocusFixer 1.4 uses LensFIT technology (patent applied for) to produce results you have to see to believe. FocusFixer is designed for professionals - photographers, graphic designers, web designers and forensic scientists included - and it is so easy to install and apply that it will prove a valuable image editing tool for the keen amateur photographer as well. FocusFixer is available for both PC and Mac OS X and is designed to be used with Adobe's Photoshop 6, 7, CS, CS2 and other Photoshop compatible image editing suites.

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