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DCE Tools

By Media Chance
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Windows 
Image processing
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DCE Tools is a series of seven professional Photoshop plugins for correcting, enhancing and fixing the most troublesome problems with today digital photography. - AutoEnhance: This is a popular all-in-one choice for quick improvement of any digital pictures. With options like Auto Balance, Midtones, Color and Noise Reduction it can improve even photographs that seems to be fine at first look. Just run it through AutoEnhance and you will see that even good photo can be made better! - ColorCast Correction: Create Vivid images! Almost all digital images suffer from some sort of color cast. The Color Cast Correction plug-in can automatically tell you what type of color cast you have (for example Blue-Magenta) and it allows you to remove it with Automatic White Balance or adjust its look with semi-automatic Color Cast slider. - Exposure Compensation: Are your photos under or over exposed? No problem. Simply Compensate the exposure as if you are still working on the picture with the camera. The image is not just brighten or dimmed but the whole dynamic range of the image is changed. - Hot Pixels Fix: Hot Pixels can be noticed on many digital cameras when you use exposure longer than 2 sec. These will show on image as a bright white spots. You can either use a filter which will try to eliminate these spots or use a more precise black frame method and adjust its effect. - Lens Distortion Correction: A typical digital camera lenses suffer from Barrel distortion (wide lens) or Pincushion distortion (when zoomed). With the Lens Distortion correction plug-in you can fix both of these types of distortion. The result is rendered using high quality Bi-cubic interpolation . - Perspective Correction: With perspective correction you can straighten photos of pictures or buildings when taken from an angle. Simply fit the grid to the object edges and the reverse correction using high quality Bi-Cubic interpolation will show the image as if it was taken with your camera in the exact right angle. - Portrait Skin Cleaner: The Portrait Skin Cleaner plug-in will smooth out the skin of your model while preserving the details of eyes or hair. You have the ability to adjust the strength of the filter and create clean yet naturaly looking advertisement-like soft skin.

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