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By Box Top Software, Inc.
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ImageVice color reduction provides you the power and flexibility to produce the highest quality, most compressible indexed images. It is valuable to all Web and multimedia designers who work with GIF, PNG, BMP, and PICT formats. ImageVice is an Adobe Photoshop plugin filter that is compatible with Adobe Photoshop 3.0 or better and most other image editing application that support Photoshop filters such as Fireworks. Featured by Apple at MacWorld in January 1998 as a hot new internet technology, hailed as a Cool Tool of the Day, decorated with an Editor's Choice award, given five whole cows, four whole stars, loved by good, feared by evil, and unabashedly Travis' personal favorite Web graphics tool, ImageVice is used to make the fastest graphics on the fastest sites to be found on the Web. It is a powerful tool with no equals. The catch is ImageVice does have a learning curve, and most of the greatest things you can do with it do take a short investment of time to learn how to use it well. ImageVice is not a hit the button and be done with it tool if you want to get the most out of it, though there are a lot of things you can do with it that are hit the button and be done simple. The potential to cut the size of all your graphics by more than half over what is possible with other tools, even other BoxTop tools, provides plenty of motivation to work through a few well written tutorials that will help you understand what factors make images compress better and what the six sliders in the ImageVice dialog really do. This knowledge will help you use all Web graphics tools better, not just ImageVice.

  • Powerful color reduction tool - ImageVice tames complex images and performs at its very best where other color reduction methods fail at making GIF images that will best compress.
  • Gain better compression - Use ImageVice to gain better compression on existing GIF images, and make almost all your GIFs at least 10 - 30% smaller.
  • Unsurpassed flexibility - Because ImageVice is a true filter, it provides you the advanced techniques and control, allowing you to achieve the smallest GIF images possible.
  • Exceptional image quality - It isn't just about better compression, ImageVice can help you maintain your image quality, when quality is what counts the most.
  • Produce effects - Some are even experimenting with ImageVice as an effects filter for creative uses.

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