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nčo Color Sampler

By Inčdit Software
Plugin for:
Photoshop Plugin available for Macintosh 
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The program enables colour variants of the design to be created fast and easily. The program tools enable own colour books or those imported from other CAD systems to be used, with the possibility of personalisation and printing as a colour atlas. nčo Color Sampler operates with multichannel files and generates images with the RGB standard method, format Psd/Tiff. The layout of the presentation of a design also involves the use of single colour tokens with full personalisation potential: size and shape of the token, and vertical or horizontal position on the page; a code and a colour name can also be assigned to each token. nčo Color Sampler allows a virtual archive to be created for each design, assigning to the same the complete study of the variants which can be called up and changed at any time. The coloured design is then sent to the relevant printer on paper or on fabric with a printer which reproduces (calibrated) true colours, an accurate simulation of the required final print is obtained. nčo Color Sampler also enables, by exploiting the colour calibration engine of the EFC program and the spectrophotometer from Gretag Macbeth®, to create new libraries and true to the original colours to be displayed on screen. The program is compatible with colorsync and ICC profiles.

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